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Premier Co-ed Sports Basketball Rules

4v4 format - cross-court

5v5 format - full-court

I.  Equipment & Uniforms

1A. All game balls are to be provided by the HOME TEAM (listed first).  Ball must be official men's league size. If there is disagreement as to which ball will be used it shall be up to the discretion of the referee.

1B. Basketball or Tennis shoes are the only allowed footwear on the courts. Shoes must be worn at all times.

1C. Each team must wear the same color.

1D. Until PCS jerseys arrive, home team will wear a DARK color and the visitors will wear a LIGHT color. Teams should bring two jerseys to each game to avoid a conflict.

II. Game Duration
2A. Adult teams will play two 20 minute halves (running clock) with a two minute half time.

2B. There will be a jump ball at the start of every game. 

2C. The referee will start each game time as scheduled. If the players are not ready, the clock will still start as scheduled. Play will begin as soon as the minimum of 4 players (at least 1 female) are on the court.

2D. Time will run continuously, except for serious injuries, and in the final 2 minutes of the second half.

2E. There will be a two minute overtime period if the score is tied at the end of regulation. (Click stops on whistles only... no timeouts).

III.  Players and Team Composition

3A. All players must fill out a league waiver and have a valid Player's Card to be eligible to play.

3B. There may be a maximum of 4 players (4v4 cc format) or 5 players (5v5 fc format) with at least 1 female. 

3C. Premier Coed Sports rules allow a team to play short 1 player (minimum 1 female still applies)**.

3D. There is no maximum limit to the amount of females which must be on the court.

IV. Roster Changes

4A. Roster changes will be accepted on our website prior to game time and in person to the site supervisor BEFORE the start of the game.

4B. All roster changes must be approved by Premier Coed Sports before the 4th week  of the season.

4C. No player changes will be accepted after 4th week of the season and player changes will

not be accepted due to injury.

4D. A team will forfeit any game in which it is determined that a player has participated who is not

listed on the team roster or is not of legal age.

4E. Official roster change must be submitted via email by the Team Captain.
4F.  The Premier Coed Sports coordinator and referee have the right to spot check rosters at any time. Players must be completely registered, including signing a waiver, before stepping on the court to play.

V.  Game Play/Fouls

5A. A jump ball will be used to start the game.

5B. During the final 2 minutes of the second half the clock will stop on dead balls.  A dead ball will occur at any referee whistle inside two minutes.

5C. Teams will shoot free throws on all shooting fouls and when in the bonus.

5D. 7 team fouls will put a team in the bonus (1 and 1)

5E. 10 team fouls will put a team in a 2 shot bonus.

5F. Male players ARE allowed to guard female players HOWEVER rough play will not be tolerated.  

5G. Any foul by a player deemed to be excessive by the official will be considered a technical foul

5H. Two technical fouls will result in ejection from the game.

5I. Players foul out after 5 fouls - personal and technical combined.

5J. For ALL technical fouls, the opposing team will be awarded TWO (2) free throws AND possession.

VI.  Miscellaneous 

6A. Scorers table will keep track of team and player fouls.

6B. Score will be kept on sideline between team benches.  

6C. The official time will be kept at each score table.

6D. Each team will have one (1) thirty second time out PER half.  They do not carry over.  Clock will not stop unless inside final 2 minutes of second half.

6E. Team may only substitute on Dead Balls.

6F. All shots from the floor are worth 2 points EXCEPT free throws, which are worth 1, (3 pointers are also allowed when lines are available - such as at Trinity Academy).

6G. All players must check in at the score table BEFORE the game or BEFORE substituting in.  

6H. Any player that enters the game without checking in will be assessed a technical foul.

VII.  Player Conduct

7A. Trash talking is illegal. 

1. Official has the right to determine language which is offensive. (Trash talk is that which may be offensive to official, opposing team, or spectators). 

2. Official can eject players from the game for trash talking and/or offensive language.

7B. Excessive arguing with the referee over calls will result in technical fouls AND/OR ejection.

7C. Any physical contact with an official is grounds for immediate ejection.

7D. Ejections may result in the offending player being suspended for a period to be determined by Premier Co-ed Sports officials.

*NOTE: Officials include referees, scorekeepers, and site supervisors.*

XIII. Officials

8A. Every effort will be made to ensure there are two officials per game.  However, if necessary, games can be played with one official.

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 Additional rules and policies may be added or amended by Premier Coed Sports before or during the season.

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