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Payment & Refund Policies

What is the payment policy?
Fees are due at time or registration.  If not paid, the registration will be deleted.  Team Fees and Free Agent Fees are due before the activity start date, based on the schedule provided in the league registration page. In addition, the following schedule applies to any outstanding balances as of the first scheduled date of play. Note: Rain-outs and any other rescheduling does not affect the due dates for fees.

Week 1: The entire team fee must be paid with roster minimum met by 7 days before opening day or the team will be removed from the schedule and a forfeit will be issued.
Week 2: Any team with an outstanding balance after week 1 will not be added to the schedule until the balance is paid and missed weeks/games will not be made up.
Week 3: Last opportunity to add players to your roster. Players must have registered and accepted the waiver, and paid the $20 fee if over the roster limit, to count as added by the deadline. ALL ROSTERS ARE FINAL AFTER THE 3RD WEEK OF THE SEASON.
Week 4 through last week of regular season
: Subs may be used as long as they register, accept the waiver, pay a $10 sub fee, and check-in BEFORE THE GAME.  Any team found using an unregistered sub will receive a forfeit, the player will not be allowed to sub for the rest of the season, and the captain will receive a 1-game suspension. SUBS MAY NOT BE USED FOR PLAYOFFS.

*NOTE: The above payment schedules are subject to change at the discretion of Premier Co-ed Sports with notice given to participants.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

* NO refunds will be issued.
* Credits/transfers may be requested, but are not guaranteed, and mayonly be issued in rare instances for extenuating circumstances at league administration's discretion.
* Consider the following scenarios when registering, none of which entitles you to a refund:
- you may not agree with your division placement
- you may wish there were more or fewer teams in your league/division
- you may not get along with your teammates or other players in the league
- you may not like the playing site due to location or other reason
- the league may have to change playing sites at any time for any reason
- you may decide you don't enjoy playing
- you may miss games or the remainder of a season for personal and professional conflicts (such as relationships, moving, children, work schedule), illness, injury during the activity or elsewhere, ejection/suspension, or for any other reason.
* It is also possible that games get cancelled or the season disrupted by forces beyond anyone's control, such as COVID-19, excessive inclement weather, or any other unforeseeable circumstance. While we will try to make up all games or resume the season in a reasonable amount of time, this cannot be guaranteed. You assume such risk for any monetary loss and are not entitled to a refund.

Returned Check Fee

* There will be a $40 fee for any returned checks.

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