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League and Division Levels

The  "A-B-C"s of Choosing a League/Division Level

A League (Competitive)- Teams/individuals registering at the competitive level will be comprised of players who have played at an organized level of that sport for more than 5 years within the past 10 years, or who still retain the skills from playing competitive organized levels of that sport previously in their lives. Players at this level will be more than competent at all fundamental skills, and should have the ability to completely avoid physical contact with lesser skilled players.

B League (Recreational) - Teams/individuals registering at the recreational level will on average be comprised of players who have played at least 2-3 years of organized playing in that sport within the last 10 years. The average player will be competent at most of the basic skills involved in playing at a recreational level.

C League (Social) - Teams/individuals registering at the social skill level should be comprised primarily of players who are new to the game or are just in it to have fun and not primarily to win. The average player on a social team will have a basic understanding and ability of the skills involved, but may have not had much practice actually playing.

Teams and individuals register for the League and/or Division of their preference. Premier Co-ed Sports is able to honor the vast majority of these preferences.  However, there are occasional exceptions, and we try to make those as rarely as possible.  Depending on the number or team and individual registrations for each league within a particular sport, Premier Co-ed Sports reserves the right to make adjustments such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • a league may be divided into multiple divisions due to high registration
  • teams/individuals may be moved to a different league/division than which they registered due to an imbalance in registrations, or based on management's judgment that the team/individual's registration does not match their ability level, or if a league/division is already at capacity
  • leagues/divisions may be combined into one league due to low registration
  • any other adjustments deemed necessary to ensure an enjoyable experience for league members as a whole

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