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Inclement Weather Policy

What is your inclement weather policy?
If games are canceled, we will email the league as well as post on an announcement on the website, on Twitter and our Facebook page typically by 4:30pm on weekdays and 9am on Sundays. We go by actual conditions, not forecasts. We must also adhere to the policies of our facility partners and abide by their timelines for making a determination on playability of fields. Please bear with us on those occasions when the timing of inclement weather is inconvenient, and realize our main goal is to PLAY and we'd all be much more disappointed if we missed out on that by cancelling early only to have forecast rain miss us.
When possible, games will be added back on at the end of the season on the same day/night as normal. However, in cases when that is not possible, games may be made up on Saturdays toward the end of the season. We will make every effort to reschedule additional weeks of missed games but they are not guaranteed or refunded/credited. If the makeup date is canceled also, those games a
re not guaranteed or refunded/credited.

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