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About Premier Co-ed Sports

There's only one Premier Co-ed Sports! It's in the name...this is who we are and what we embody:

Premier - adjective - first in importance, order, or position; leading
Co-ed - adjective - open to or used by both men and women
Sports - noun - activities involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual
or team competes against another or others for entertainment

We work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best sports experience possible!

Premier Co-ed Sports is the "go-to" sports provider for men and women ages 21 and up in the Triangle area. By providing guaranteed fields, professional referees, high-quality apparel, and membership deals, Premier Co-ed Sports is able to offer a product above and beyond any league in the Triangle. Over 40 years experience in league play, tournament organization, coaching, and business management provide a strong foundation in creating a valuable business partner for your organization. The Triangle is a magnet for young professionals, and many are new to the area and looking to get involved in social, professional, and recreational organizations. Add to that the area's active lifestyle and Premier Co-ed Sports is positioned to be a top choice for those who are looking to meet new people and advance their fitness goals in a fun, competitive setting.

A message from the owner (and his dog, Marles Barkley):

Thank you for your interest in Premier Co-ed Sports. Sports have been a part of my life since I could walk. I began playing when I was in diapers and plan to continue playing until I'm back in them. My late father got me started and pushed me to be my best. And my mom continues to be an inspiration to this day. I hope to follow in the footsteps of this 77-year-old superwoman who is still traveling the country competing in senior softball tournaments as well as playing pickleball 2-3 mornings a week at our hometown Y.

I began working with PCS as one of the original flag football referees, then became the head official, and eventually joined the ranks of co-owner in 2011, majority owner in 2013, and solo owner in 2015. Aside from a passion for sports, I brought extensive experience directing athletic leagues and supervising staff to the organization. Throughout my school and college years, I loved playing baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and football. Most of my career has been in the parks and recreation field - working with juvenile offenders, managing community/arts centers, and coordinating athletic leagues, summer camps, and special events. In 2005, I first ventured into the small business realm, offering mobile event DJ services, Elvis shows, and instruction in ballroom/latin/swing dance for adults and sports for kids. I still offer most of these entertainment services as a hobby and departure from the world of sports. If you need a wedding dj, dance instruction, or full-on Elvis tribute show,feel free to ask for more info.

I've seen so many friendships and romantic relationships develop in the 11 years of Premier's existence. It is my pleasure to provide fun and social sports for you, your colleagues, and friends. I look forward to helping you have fun while exercising and socializing! Thank you for joining Premier Co-ed Sports!

Kiley Holder

Contact info:
Phone: (919) 604-1958 (texting is best)

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